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Design By Nature

Landesco has a commitment to preserving nature’s beauty through Landscape Architecture, enabling our team to produce smart, efficient and effective design solutions.


Contact Landesco

Keeping in touch should not be an issue. Have a special request or question about one of our services or projects? Give us a call at 239-691-7790 or fill out the contact form.


Full Service LA

Landesco is a full-service landscape architecture firm, experienced in a variety of projects. Our versatility can be seen by reading through our scope of services.

“Smart Solutions. Naturally.”

Landesco provides smart, creative, and economically viable land planning and design services.

We are a progressive landscape architecture and planning firm, offering professional land planning and design services in support of the development and stewardship of land and other natural resources. We are specialized in the master planning and smart growth of resorts, parks, campuses, farms, private islands, and outdoor recreational amenity centers.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with exceptional service, while emphasizing natural and sustainable design solutions.

Landesco’s Family Philosophy

It’s about family here. Members of Landesco join together in their passion for design, creativity, and the ability to impact lives 

in a positive way. All of our projects are given the utmost attention

as we search for ways to improve the ecology and functionality of any given site.

Taking from his travels, our founder believes in re-creating a work environment that is not only diverse, but comfortable and educational as well.

  • Landscape Rescue

    Rescue your Landscape with Landesco. Each project is treated with love and each found client is a rescue for nature.

  • Eternal Status

    Landesco projects are built to stand the test of time. Just as the bare earth before, our landscapes mold to the land and adapt to the living environment.

  • Preserving Natural Tempo

    Playing off the core harmonies of nature leads to the most beautiful outcomes, and Landesco’s finest projects.

  • A Humble Headquarters

    Located In Bardstown Kentucky, a town of natural beauty and vintage facades, Landesco has a humble heart when it comes to our company’s soul. It’s real easy to get in touch, just ask someone on the streets passing by.

What others say about us

Celeste Dawson

“Dave Kulsveen came to the rescue and did a masterful job taking our vision for a dog park and putting it into an awesome workable plan.” When a group of dog lovers got together and wanted to establish an off leash dog park in our community we were clueless on how to take this area of land and turn it into a park.  Dave Kulsveen came to the rescue and did a masterful job taking our vision for a dog park and putting it into an awesome workable plan.  He took into account that we are a non-profit organization and worked within our budget.  He was flexible and incorporated our specific needs into the design plan. Dave also chose plants that are pet friendly and designs utilizing the lay of the land.  His bio retention and play areas are awesome.  I can’t wait to reach our financial goal and turn his landscape design into reality.  He also is willing to be a part of that process.  I appreciate and thank you Dave for your talent and skills in landscape design.  We couldn’t have done this without you.

Celeste DawsonBourbon City Bark Park
Troy D.

“David Kulsveen’s knowledge of the fine details such as water flow, local soils and nutritional needs of each plant set him apart from all of the other professional firms…”

When building our 5 acre estate with a 10,000 square foot home, we gave great care and consideration to the landscape design. Our concerns were not just finished looks but also great focus was given to water reclamation, native plants, and ease of maintenance. We accepted bids from several of the large, well-established landscape design firms in SWFL, and we also invited David Kulsveen from Landesco to do the same. Hands down, the Landesco design was the most beautiful, best use of space and much to our surprise, the most economical of all of the bids.

David Kulsveen’s knowledge of the fine details such as water flow, local soils and nutritional needs of each plant set him apart from all of the other professional firms, but his eye for design is extraordinary. He is truly a landscape visionary.  Any homeowner or developer would be wise to have Landesco send David Kulsveen in for a design bid. When compared side by side with our professionals, my belief is Landesco will win you over instantly.

Troy D.Entrepreneur
Jolene Reynolds

“The Wow Factor”- That is how I would identify the fabulous design for the future off-leash dog park for our Most Beautiful Small Town in America- Bardstown, KY. The design work of Dave Kulsveen far exceeded any expectations that I had as Executive Director of the Bourbon City Bark Park.”

– Bourbon City Bark Park I met Dave at a crucial time of development of the dog park. Our board was close to securing land from the state of  Kentucky which was an abandoned softball field.  I knew this space had great potential and it could meet the needs of an off-leash dog park. I also knew from visiting many dog parks in several states that an off-leash dog park could be as simple as filling in the gaps of the existing fencing and putting in a water spigot and the city of Bardstown could have a dog park. However, I also knew that we could do more and have a dog park of that our community could be proud of and that members of our community would use to its fullest extent. I however, did not have the knowledge and expertise to make this a reality- I just felt we must dream big! During my initial conversation with Dave, I shared with him the features of the off-leash dog park that I felt were essential  and features that would make a dog park extraordinary.   Dave was a great listener as well as a great teacher, educating me on what landscape architect really involves. There is much more to landscape architecture than making something look pretty. There were many things we had   to consider in designing our park than the features we actually see. I soon learned it could be compared to building a “forever” home. Dave’s humility never allowed him to talk down to those of us uneducated in landscape design….he just broke it down so that we could easily grasp the design concepts. In the end, due to financial constraints, we asked Dave to design the park in such a way that we can construct the park in phases- with our dream park designed in a Master Plan. We have a Phase One and a Phase Two plan, which allows for flexibility. When the final Master Plan was delivered by Dave- my reaction was truly “WOW”. The design is more than I could have ever imagined. When the Bourbon City Bark Park is completed according to Dave’s design, dog lover’s as well as government officials of our community will be proud.  I am certain our park will be a model regionally for the development of dog parks in other communities. And YES the Most Beautiful Small Town in America will have  a most beautiful dog park, thanks to Dave Kulsveen.

Jolene ReynoldsExecutive Director