Caloosa Nature Lodge

Caloosa Nature Lodge was created with Mother Nature in mind. Aside from an environmentally-friendly site design, solar power and reclaimed water were utilized.

Landesco uses the latest technology and software to create design resources needed for many developments, like Caloosa Nature Lodge. Municipalities across the U.S. require developers to follow local and federal laws that are put in place to protect wildlife. The American Bald Eagle is one of many species that thrives in several areas of the country, yet due to their migratory habits Bald Eagles are protected in some states like Florida, which might only see Bald Eagles during nesting season. Often times, nesting habits can delay a development, or stop a development altoghether. Landesco is very familiar with the laws that protect various wildlife, and we can provide assistance during the development process to keep projects moving forward.


With increased environmental awareness & wildlife management efforts, many developments like Caloosa Nature Lodge benefit during development processs by utilizing firms that know wildlife.


  • GIS & Wildlife Management Reporting

  • Reclaimed Water Usage

  • Low-Impact Development

  • Solar Lighting Plan/Specification

  • Bald Eagle Management Plan

Bald Eagle Reserve

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Site Design & Analysis
Landscape Preservation
Solar Lighting Plan
Reclaimed Water Usage
Irrigation Design
Permitting & Development Services
Wildlife Management Planning

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