East County Water Control District ECWCD

Using principles of sustainability, urban design & revitalization, and stream-bank restoration, a commercial complex was re-developed to unite a growing business area with a nearby riparian zone in need of repair.

Aiming to breathe new life into a rundown commercial site, a revitalization plan was created to not only improve the built environment, but the natural as well. Due to the sensitive nature of the river’s stream-banks, measures were taken to eradicate invasive plant species using an eradication plan. Since soil erosion would become problematic, native riparian plant species, paired with a FilterMitt system, were utilized to control erosion and extract pollutants before storm-water runoff entered the nearby stream. A pocket park was incorporated linking to an urban setting.

Site Design & Analysis
Landscape Betterment Plan
Littoral Plant Species Planning
Permitting & Development Services
Project Focus
• Sustainable Site Design & Analysis
• Wetland Delineation
• Riparian Buffer & ‘FilterMitt’ System
• Landscape Betterment Plan
• Invasive Species Eradication Plan

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