Private Estate North Fort Myers, FL

With a high-end private residence, guest house, gym, and office already in place, Landesco, PLLC was faced with a number of existing site constraints. Ecologically, an existing pond proved home to a variety of wildlife, which required careful consideration during planning and implementation as not to disturb the natural environment.

In an effort to merge interior with exterior, a custom gazebo directs the viewer’s focus toward the rear of the property and frames the landscape with free-flowing curvilinear lines. A low-maintenance, native landscape was specified in order to minimize water consumption, and provide the most natural Florida setting possible.

Curvilinear pathways connect the landscape and promote users to experience nature while transversing the property. An existing pond was enlarged to aid in irrigation and allow a natural swimming option.

Plant List

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Irrigation Plan


Site Design & Analysis
Native Plant Selection
Landscape Preservation
Grading & Drainage Plan
Construction Management

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